Uncharted 2 Movie Updates & News: Will It Happen?

With several video games, there’s a wealth of storytelling avenues for a sequel to explore. Here’s what we know about Uncharted 2, including release.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Uncharted.

Uncharted finally released in theaters and here’s everything to know about Uncharted 2. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Uncharted brought to life the Naughty Dog video games for PlayStation. The film is more or less an origin story for Nathan Drake, a prequel to his treasure hunting adventures in the games. While Uncharted closes out its story, the film’s ending certainly lays the groundwork for a possible sequel.

After getting left behind by his older brother Sam, Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) grows up on his own in an orphanage, eventually becoming a bartender in New York City. Having left his interest in solving historical clues behind, Nathan is thrown into the dangerous world of treasure hunting after meeting Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), who recruits Nate to help him find the lost golden artifacts of Magellan before Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) can get to them first.


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Considering Uncharted is an adventure story and is one based on an existing video game franchise, a sequel to the film could be on the horizon. Here’s everything we know about Uncharted 2, including what its story could be about and who from the cast might return.

Will Uncharted 2 Happen?

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Uncharted 2 hasn’t officially been confirmed by Sony, but director Ruben Fleischer says he does have a lot of ideas should a sequel ever happen. Ultimately, Uncharted getting a sequel will depend on how well the movie does at the box office and if the folks at the studio think a franchise is worth banking on in the future. Naughty Dog developed four main video games for PlayStation and there’s also a spinoff Uncharted game, so the issue is certainly not that there aren’t enough stories set in the world. Considering it took several years for Uncharted to finally make it to theaters, a sequel is likely to have a much faster production process.

How Uncharted’s Ending Sets Up A Sequel

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The ending of Uncharted teases that Sam Drake, Nate’s brother, is still very much alive and in prison. While it’s unclear where in the world he is, revealing Sam is not dead sets up a sequel and could continue Nate’s efforts in trying to find him. It’s possible Sam will be more integrated into the story and his return could set up his and Nate’s next adventure, as well as answer the question regarding how he survived despite being allegedly shot. What’s more, Uncharted’s ending introduces Gage, a character who works for Roman, one of the villains from the video games. Gage is deeply interested in acquiring Nate’s ring, which belonged to Sir Francis Drake. Uncharted 2 could delve into the mystery of Nate’s supposed ancestor, leading to another adventurous treasure hunt that is a bit more personal than the one in the first film.

Uncharted 2’s Cast: Characters Who Could Return

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Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg could definitely return if there is an Uncharted 2 as they play the main characters. Sophia Ali will also likely return, especially since Chloe Frazer’s story was left hanging at the end. Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle probably won’t return considering their characters died in the film. It’s possible Pilou Asbæk, who appeared in Uncharted’s credits scene, will play a bigger role in the sequel alongside whoever might be cast as the adult version of Sam Drake. Uncharted 2 could also introduce Elena Fisher, Nate’s future wife in the games.

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Uncharted 2 Predicted Release Date

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Uncharted had a long development period — between losing directors, changing up who played Nathan Drake (Wahlberg was up for the role before playing Sully), and general production delays, the film finally releasing seemed like a miracle unto itself. If Uncharted 2 gets the greenlight, the sequel could be released as early as the spring of 2024, likely because it won’t be faced with as many of the same issues that plagued the production of the first film. That is, of course, if Sony’s sequel decision comes soon after Uncharted’s theater release. Turnaround time for sequels is usually around two to three years, so 2025 could be the latest release if all things go well behind the scenes.

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  • Uncharted (2022)Release date: Feb 18, 2022

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