15 Expert-Recommended Resources For Keeping Up With The Latest Tech News

Almost everyone these days—including professionals in any role as well as consumers who love to read about the newest gadgets—would like to keep up with the latest tech news. However, it can be difficult to find a source that uses simple language and terms a layperson can easily understand. 

Tech leaders are familiar with all the technical terms used in industry-specific publications, but even they enjoy getting fast, easy insights on the latest tech news without all the jargon. Below, 15 industry experts from Forbes Technology Council share layperson-friendly resources they recommend for accurate, up-to-date—and easy to understand—news on tech developments.

1. Apple News

Apple News is a good aggregator of various online new resources—it’s what I use when I’m in bed trying to wake up and digest what’s been going on around the world. It offers a good selection of topics, and there’s a lot of information on current events that can be casually and quickly consumed. – Alexander Hill, Senseye

2. BetaKit And The Technology Headlines

I love BetaKit for Canadian tech startup news and The Technology Headlines for killer features and profiles on tech entrepreneurs. Additionally, I follow many of the top venture capital firms to stay current on their latest releases, trending companies and new investments. – Amanda Dorenberg, COMMB

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3. Business2Community And CustomerThink

I like visiting the sites Business2Community and CustomerThink when I want to learn about new developments in the tech industry as well as get helpful marketing advice. They frequently upload new content, so these are excellent resources if you like getting rapid-fire updates. – Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

4. Computer Weekly

The British publication Computer Weekly has evolved very successfully from its start as the world’s first weekly IT newspaper in 1966 to today’s digital offering, which covers the latest global tech news. I particularly follow the “IT Management” section for updates on governance, legislation and regulation. – Martin Taylor, Content Guru

5. Discover And WIRED Websites

The websites for the magazines Discover and WIRED are both reliable, layperson-friendly sites where readers can get accurate information. Discover sees science as a new horizon. Each article focuses on the potential that new facts can bring to people’s lives. On the WIRED website, nonsubscribers can read five articles a month on different topics, ranging from new technology in the market to related new events and reviews of media. – Arnie Gordon, Arlyn Scales

6. Morning Brew’s Emerging Tech Brew Newsletter

The Morning Brew website offers a variety of podcasts and email newsletters, including Emerging Tech Brew, which is a great resource for the latest on all things tech. Focused on the future of technology, this newsletter and site is the perfect place to stay up to date with the latest tech news and trends. Great stories, original content and engaging writing are just three of the reasons why you should add this site to your morning routine. – Kris Jones, VML Technology

7. Engadget

I recommend engadget for overall news and updates on all sorts of technology, including resources. It is well-written and broad enough to give you a good update on where the industry is going as well as how to best take advantage of tech that’s related to your own industry and business. – WaiJe Coler, InfoTracer

8. Experfy

It is tough to keep pace with constantly evolving technology. I would recommend Experfy as a reliable resource for staying abreast of how technology is evolving and can be adopted for genuine human impact. Experfy’s platform provides industry leaders’ perspectives on new technology, best practices, things to watch out for and more in an easy-to-follow structure, and there’s a newsletter for offline consumption. – Gaurav Aggarwal, Avanade Inc.

9. Gartner

Gartner is one of the best websites out there for accurate, up-to-date tech news. Covering various industries and sectors, Gartner equips executives across an enterprise with the technology news and trends they need to make the right decisions and stay ahead of change. The site’s featured content provides insights related to technology for a diverse group of functions across industries. – Zheng Fan, University of Miami Herbert Business School

10. Google Alerts And Google News

Google Alerts is a customizable content change detection and notification service. It will send an email to a user when it finds newly published results—including Web pages, news articles, blogs or research—that match that user’s selected search term(s). It’s an easy way to keep track of news on a specific topic. Searching for a topic of interest on Google News is another quick way to learn about new developments. – Ritesh Mukherjee, Reliance Jio

11. MobileSyrup

MobileSyrup is Canada’s news source for all things tech. It reviews the trends in smartphones, smart home devices, wearables, streaming TV, gaming culture, electric vehicles and tech products. While it isn’t a source of in-depth information, it provides easy-to-consume material for staying up to date. – Maddison Long, CloudOps

12. TechRadar

TechRadar is one of the most accurate, simple and user-friendly online resources to stay current with the latest tech news and developments. What makes TechRadar stand out from the rest is the website’s simplicity and the easy ability to switch between different countries. Lifehacker, BBC News and TechSpot are also good online resources to get the latest tech updates. – Roman Taranov, Ruby Labs

13. Twitter

Twitter is an incredible resource to follow tech developments because of the speed and customizability of the flow of information. It enables you to learn about whatever is most pertinent to your field constantly and instantaneously. – Noah Mitsuhashi, Portfolio Insider

14. Interest-Specific Newsletters And Social Feeds

Subscribing to an interest-specific newsletter or social media source (such as Twitter feeds) is possibly the best way to stay updated on specific topics. For example, MacRumors is a good source for information on everything related to Apple. For generic tech info, I have found TechCrunch and CNET to be quick, easy-to-read sources of information. – Biju Nair, HYLA Mobile

15. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an underutilized resource to keep up with tech news from the outlets you read most. They’re often customizable, they’re delivered regularly to your inbox and they allow you to look back at what you missed if you’re too busy to read for a day or two. TechCrunch and The Information offer great content in the form of email newsletters. – Mikael Berner, Edison

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