Gaming and Tablets: Is it a Viable Option?

When it comes to gaming, are tablets any good? Compared to mobile phones, they are definitely the better option but where do they rank generally in the world of gaming devices? This guide tries to answer that question so read on to find out the factors around whether or not tablets are viable options for gaming.

Battery Life

It really depends on the brand as to how good of a battery is provided in the tablet. How long the battery lasts is important because, the main reason for buying a tablet to game on is the flexibility considerations. Being able to move around and take the tablet far and wide is definitely an appealing bonus for gameplay on the go so a battery that can accommodate that is a significant requirement. Remember that games tend to drain tablet batteries at an alarming rate regardless, so don’t expect too much in this arena.


The GPU, or graphics processing unit, is essential for the visual aspects of gameplay on any device used in this area. Tablets, unlike mobile phones, tend to have pretty decent GPUs for their hard drive specs, especially those that are made for gaming purposes, like these Lenovo Tablets for Gaming options. An absence of GPU would mean that gaming graphics just wouldn’t translate on the screen. There would be blurriness, there would be mismatched loading capacities and everything would look offkey.

Expandable Disk Space Options

If memory is a concern, don’t fret. The majority of tablets meant for gaming will have made provisions for this. There are plenty of expandable disk space options to choose from and it is uncommon to find a gaming tablet that does not have space for an SSD or similar. Every gamer knows that low memory can cause problems like lag and slow loading while accessing and playing on their games, so it wants to be avoided wherever possible.

More Fluid Gaming Experience

Tablets are handheld, which means everything that happens doesn’t require much forethought or reach, and is all concentrated into one, smaller zone of action, aka the tablet screen. Therefore, the gaming experience becomes more fluid. There is no mouse to maneuver and no keyboard to monitor – everything happens on screen.

So Are Tablets Meant for Gamers?

The answer to this question really all depends on the type of gamer. If we are talking about hardcore live streamers, or ones that prefer more traditional PC POV, shooter, campaign, and sandbox games, then probably not. Some games are just meant for the PC’s capacity to display them. However, softer games that demand less of the device they are being played on will do just fine, and actually, tablets are preferable to laptops and mobiles in a lot of ways (as discussed above)!

Final Thoughts

Tablets are great for some types of gaming. They tend to have some form of GPU which makes the graphics look better than mobile devices, nice sized screens, and space for storage should you need it. These are viable options worth exploring.

Eleanore Beatty

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